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2017 Volume.8 Issue.6

Title Authors
Possibilities and Perspectives of Social Marketing in Rehabilitation of Patients with Breast Cancer Yury V. Przhedetsky, Elena G. Popkova, Natalia V. Przhedetskaya, Jeff French [Abstract] | [PDF] | 
Study of The Effect of Different Drying Modes On the Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activities of Oudneya Africana Mahboub N., Slimani N., Khelil A. [Abstract] | [PDF] | 
Ochratoxin A Detection in Rice Samples in Mazandaran Province Vahedi Habib, Gholipour Mohammad, Babaei Zeinal–Abedin, Mohammadi Zahra [Abstract] | [PDF] | 
Design and Analysis of Novel Inhibitors Against the Kras Mutations in Lung Cancer Through Computer Aided Drug Designing Technique Mariyam Gillani, Ali Farhan, Samawia Rizwan, Hamid Rashid, Anum Munir [Abstract] | [PDF] | 
Comparing Emotional Intelligence, Sense of Self-Efficacy, And Job Satisfaction Among Nurse Educators: A Case of National University and Islamic Azad University of Ardabil Vahideh Asri, Farzaneh Ali Asghari Tabrizi [Abstract] | [PDF] | 
In Vivo Evaluation of the Anticancer Activity of the Docetaxel Incorporated Into Nanoemulsion Based on Orange Oil Mayson H. Alkhatib, Shrooq A. Alharbi, Sawsan H. Mahassni [Abstract] | [PDF] | 
Theoretical Investigation of Weak Interactions Between Diatomic Molecules with Distal Histidine On the Heme- Myoglobin in Gas and Solvent Medium Mehrdad Khatami, Peyman Mohammadzadeh Jahani, et all [Abstract] | [PDF] |