Abstract - 2018 Volume.9 Issue.5

The nanocomposites of P-Ani doping ZnO and α-Fe2O3 were successfully synthesized using co-precipitation method while the particles of ZnO and α-Fe2O3 were prepared utilizing Sol-gel and photolysis method; respectively. The morphology and structure of the product were characterized using SEM, XRD and FTIR while, the electric conductivity was examined using the LCR-meter. The results from XRD and SEM led to the particles prepared in nano size which were 18 nm and 31.50 nm for P-Ani/α-Fe2O3 and P-Ani/ZnO; respectively. From FTIR result, the Fe-O and ZnO characteristic bands at 447.87 cm–1, 546.6 cm–1 and 516cm-1, showed the main characteristic peaks similar to PANI. The results of LCR meter showed increased conductivity by doping nano particles with P-Ani.

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