Abstract - 2016 Volume.7 Issue.4

The present investigation deals with sustained release tablets. Sustained release tablets are effective in extending the duration of action of drug. In the present study sustained release tablets formulations containing Tramadol hydrochloride were prepared and studied. Designing of controlled release formulation is necessary to maintain steady state plasma concentration for longer period of time and to reduce the frequency of administration. So, an attempt was made to formulate sustained release tablets of Tramadol hydrochloride to sustain its action. Sustained release tablets were prepared using direct compression technique using varying concentrations of Delonix regia gum (DRG) and Eudragit RS100. Sustained release formulations were evaluated for FTIR, DSC, weight variation test, tablet thickness, tablet hardness, friability test, drug content uniformity, in-vitro drug release from tablets, kinetic modelling of drug dissolution profile and stability studies. The prepared sustained release tablets fulfilled all official requirements. The results of in-vitro drug release studies showed that release from sustained release tablet formulations was slow and sustained for 8 hrs. Increase in concentration of polymers showed decrease in drug release of all formulations. All formulations followed Higuchi model and release mechanism was non-fickian diffusion. From the results it was concluded that, formulations prepared using combination of DRG and Eudragit RS100 (3:2) showed better sustained release effect.

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