Abstract - 2016 Volume.7 Issue.4

The aim of present work is to prepare microsponge of Levonorgestrel using Carbopol® 934 as a polymer. Emergency contraception (EC) is a method of contraception that is used to prevent pregnancy after an act of unprotected sexual intercourse. It is known by several other names e.g. ‘morning after’ or post-coital method. Levonorgestrel microsponge were prepared using quashi emulsion solvent diffusion method. In order to standardize the microsponge formulation, factor affecting the physical properties of microsponge were determined. The IR, DSC, SEM studies were carried out to study Interaction, shapes, morphology of microsponge and thermal analysis respectively. In vitro release study also studied in 0.1N HCl and 0.1% SLS solution to study the release kinetics and the stability study also studied.

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