Abstract - 2016 Volume.7 Issue.4

Patents are a valuable and unique source of information in scientific research. It is estimated that only a small fraction of the new science and technology first reported in patents is subsequently disclosed in scientific literature sources. Moreover, the first public disclosure of new chemical entities scaffolds and series typically takes place in patent applications prior to their publication in scientific journals. In addition to novel composition of matter, chemical patent documents contain information on reactions and synthetic pathways, biomarkers, assays, experimental conditions, active ingredients and catalysts, as well biological target, mechanisms of action, bioactivity data and disease indications that are not present in other sources, such as commercial or publicly available bioactivity databases or peer-reviewed scientific literature. The initial extraction of bioactivity data of the BKCa channel from the scientific patent and aligning them for molecular field similarity did provide a probable validation method. This research work was executed to identify the validity of the simulation studies undertaken earlier.

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