Abstract - 2016 Volume.7 Issue.5

Proper identification & standardization is mandatory to ensure the therapeutic efficacy of herbal drugs used for health ailments. All single drugs and compound formulations should be standardized according to the guidelines of Pharmacopoeia to ascertain their quality standards. Physicochemical and phytochemical standardization is considered a prerequisite for the assessment of biological activity or determination of biological standards of the plant material. Ustukhudoos is an important drug of Unani Medicine. It increases the tone of brain, stomach, liver and spleen and prevents sepsis. It is useful in neuralgia, costalgia and sinusitis, it is proved more efficient in cases of cold, cough and other chest affection. In present study, an effort has been made to carry out the physicochemical and phytochemical studies of Ustukhudoos. Physicochemical parameters as Extractive Values in different solvents: petroleum ether (2.90%), di-ethyl ether (3.18%), chloroform (0.33%), acetone (0.51%), ethanolic (2.82%), aqueous (9.12%); Solubility:

Water (20.7 %) & Alcohol (6.10 %); Moisture content (15 %), Total Ash values (8.71%), pH of 1% (6.94)

& 10% solution (5.49) and loss on drying (9.09%). Phytochemical Analysis revealed the presence of almost all the phytoconstituents in the test drug sample i.e. alkaloid, flavonoids, glycoside, carbohydrate and tannin.

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