Abstract - 2017 Volume.8 Issue.2


Osteoporosis is a worldwide concern; 20 October is remembered every year as the world osteoporosis day. Osteoporosis occurs either due to failure to achieve the peak bone mass or excessive rate of remodeling of bone, WHO defined that the BMD of -2.5 measured by DEXA scan is osteoporosis. Objective: The aim of this study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Unani formulations in enhancing the BMD to normal level with evidences of increase in BMD by measurement with Dexa scan. Material and Methods: This clinical study is based on single blind trial. Patients as per inclusion and exclusion criteria were selected for the study. Consent of the patient recorded. Formulations are used in females: Kushta-e-Sadaf 350mg once in a day - Abhal (Juniperuscommunis) 150 mg + Asghand (Withania somnifera) 50mg + Persiaoshan (Adiantum capillus) 150 mg, two times daily. In males: Kushta-e-Sadaf 350mg once in a day-Asghand (Withania somnifera) 150mg+Bozidan (Pyrethrum indicum) 150mg, two times daily after checking their purity. Emphasis is also given on daily diet regarding that patient must have balance diet with milk, fruits, and vegetables. The study conducted in two groups. Group A is given Unani formulations by oral route. In-group B along with Unani formulations exercise and cupping, a classical method of Unani applied as a part of treatment to observe the effect in increasing the BMD in relation to duration of treatment was used. Results: In-group A which included 60 patients (48 females & 12 males), 30 patients (50%) became normal and the Osteopenia was near to normal in 17 patients (28%). Out of 30 normal cases, 27 became normal in the duration of 8-9 months and 13 patients attained the Osteopenia near to normal in the same period. In-group B of 80 patients (62 females 18 males), 52 patients (65%) became normal and the Osteopenia was near to normal in 24 patients (30%). Out of 52 normal cases, 39 patients became normal in duration of 6 to 6.5 months. To rule out any side effects and toxicity on the vital organs of the body the blood sugar, LFT, KFT, lipid profile, S. alkaline phosphates and Hb% were done before starting the treatment then it was repeated on every month till the end of treatment. The above enzymes and biomarkers values remain within normal limits or near to normal on repeated examination on every month in the cases that became normal except in the cases where Osteopenia/osteoporosis continued and not responded with the treatment. In some patients, having osteoporosis with T score -4.5 or above the S. alkaline phosphates level was slightly higher and continued to be higher on repeated blood examination during the treatment in these cases showing very slow response and not becoming normal. Conclusion: The sample size of groups A & B is not the same; however, the cure rate in-group A is 50% while in-group B, the cure rate is 65%. The average duration of treatment in-group A is 8-9 months while in-group B is 6-6.5 months. This shows that regular exercise and application of Hejama (Cupping) reduce the duration of treatment. The duration of treatment of any of the disease is an important factor because medicine should be use for a shorter period. The above study validates the effectiveness of Unani formulation in increasing the BMD to normal level and no significant signs or side effects were observed even after use the formulations for months together.



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