Abstract - 2016 Volume.7 Issue.3

Aim of the research work is focused on importance of medicinal plants to reveal their importance in the pharmaceuticals. Botanical and Physico-chemical Investigation of Murraya koengii was performed. plants has most the specific pharmacological activities such as stimulant, hypoglycaemic, antibacterial, antifungal, antiprotozoal, antioxidant, and hypolipidimic actions. Pharmacognostical standardization distinguished this plant drugs from others which is done by performing different methods such macroscopy, microscopy, and quantitative leaf microscopy of drug. The phytochemical screening of the plant revealed the presence of carbohydrate, starch, steroid, glycosides, Resins, Proteins and triterpenoid, Saponins, and flavonoids. This serves as an important tool for the quality assurance of plants for future studies. Through the Pharmacognostical Phytochemical (physiochemical) quality evaluation of crude drugs powder of Murraya koengii reveals that swelling index is very low value and foaming index is vary in limits that indicate the high presence of tannins. Amount of total ash is under the permitted limits. Which implies the presence of limited amount of minerals Among heavy metals cadmium was found under permitted limits but amount of arsenic, copper and lithium, was found very high which is not beneficial for the humans.

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