Abstract - 2015 Volume.6 Issue.1

Nature has been a powerful source of enormous medicines for thousands of years and number of modern drugs has been extracted and exploited from natural sources, for its use in traditional medicine. Traditional herbal medicines have a long history of use and are generally considered to be safer than artificial drugs. Over 50% of all modern scientific drugs are natural products and they play an important role in drug development in pharmaceutical industries. The present communication constitutes a review on medicinal properties and pharmacological actions of Cassia auriculata. This plant is known to contain various active principles of therapeutic value and to possess biological activity against a number of diseases. The present study has been performed experimentally by in vitro method to examine the anti cancer activity of a variety of concentrations of ethanolic extract of flowers of Cassia auriculata. The report on to the research reveals a significant anti cancer activity at different concentrations of the extract. The ethanolic extract of flowers of Cassia auriculata was tested for its anti cancer activity against liver cancer HePG2 cell line by MTT assay. The CTC50 value of sample was 352.4μg/ml against liver cancer HePG2 cell lines. Significant results were observed thereby proving the use of this plant in the traditional system of medicine.

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