Abstract - 2014 Volume.5 Issue.4

The studies on molecular docking have emerged during last three decades and now are becoming the integral part in drug discovery and development. In silico approach was used to access the use flavonids compounds of nutritionally enriched plant Wattakaka volubilis. Flavonids are potential agents that could act as insulin receptor tyrosin kinase activators and reduce the harmful effects of diabetes. Insulin binds to its receptors that are present on different cells of the body and mediates the absorption of glucose into the cell and they belong to the class of tyrosine kinase receptor. The three dimensional structure of Insulin receptor was obtained from PDB database and biocomponents of isoflovones and flavonones of the Wattakaka volubilis were downloaded from USDA database. Docking studies of Insulin receptor with Wattakaka volubilis biocomponents for isoflovones and flavonones were performed using HEX 6.3 software. Analysis of the docking results suggested that the flavonones sub category compound hesperidins can act as a potent insulin receptor activator than the other component.

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