Abstract - 2014 Volume.5 Issue.3

Nanoplex means drug nanoparticle forms a complex with oppositely charged polyelectrolyte. In this technique both cationic and anionic drugs forms a complex with its oppositely charged polyelectrolyte. In present work norfloxacin a class IV drug and polyanionic dextran sulfate was used as polyelectrolyte. In preparation of nanoplex norfloxacin was ionized with acidic solution gives cationic charges on drug it forms a complex with anionic dextran sulfate. In this process due to charge neutralization on drug it precipitates out in nanosize and strong electrostatic interaction between drug and polyelectrolyte prevents drug molecule to revert in its crystalline form. Hence process has capability of giving amorphous and nanosize formulation. Pluronic F 68 used as stabilizer and sodium chloride for its charge shielding effect. Nanoplex shows a particle size 346 nm, complexation efficiency 90%, drug loading 60% and stability for one month with 20 fold enhancement in solubility and dissolution rate.

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