Abstract - 2014 Volume.5 Issue.1

Dendrimer are repeatedly branched, roughly spherical large molecules. The name comes from the Greek word which translates to “tree”. Dendrimers also referred to as the “Polymers of the 21st century”. Dendrimers are a unique class of polymers which play an important role in emerging nanotechnology. Novel drug delivery is one of the most attractive potential applications of dendrimers. Structural advantages allow dendrimers to play an important role in the fields of nanotechnology, pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry. As a result of their unique behavior dendrimers are suitable for a wide range of biomedical and industrial applications. This review briefly discusses the various aspects of dendrimers including properties, component of a dendrimers structure, different methods of synthesis of dendrimers, characterization and dendrimers based products and their use as pharmaceutical, therapeutic, diagnostic agent and their potential for applications in drug delivery such as carrier molecule, diagnostics reagent, dendrimers in ocular, pulmonary & gene delivery. However, dendrimers is currently the internationally accepted term. A dendrimers is typically symmetric around the core, and often adopts a spherical three-dimensional morphology. As part of our recent surveys into patent trends in nanotechnology, we discovered an explosion in dendrimers patenting which should contribute to the momentum for their commercialization, particularly in nanotechnology. Rationally and precisely designed dendrimers based carriers may realize an accurate delivery of drugs to the target site and lead to an enhanced efficacy of drugs.

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