Abstract - 2013 Volume.4 Issue.5

Increased level of the generation of free radicals or failure of antioxidant system in the cell leads to a condition of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress plays an important role in causing and pathogenesis of many chronic diseases including various kinds of cancers such as ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer etc. other than cancers increased oxidative stress is also found in diabetes, schizophrenia, chronic obstructive diseases (COPD), atherosclerosis, alzheimer’s diseases, parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, periodontal disease and sickle cell anemia. Some religious plants of poaceae family such as (i) Triticum aestivum (ii) Oryza sativa (iii) Cynodon dactylon (iv) Saccharum spontaneum (v) Hordeum vulgare are found to have good antioxidant activity. So they can be use to prepare a antioxidant medicine for the treatment of oxidative stress in cancer and other chronic diseases which further increase the welfare of the patients and create better results.

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