Abstract - 2013 Volume.4 Issue.1

Among the different novel drug delivery systems the fast dissolving drug delivery system (FDDDS) is rapidly gaining interest in pharmaceutical Industry. FDDDS were developed as an alternative to conventional tablet, capsule and syrups. These are used in the form of fast dissolving tablet (FDTs) and fast dissolving oral films (FDOFs). These dissolve or disintegrate within a minute, without needing water or chewing and enhance the potential for improved compliance in pediatrics and geriatric patients, who have difficulty in swallowing tablets or liquids. As fast dissolving tablet provide instantaneous disintegration after putting it on tongue, thereby rapid drug absorption and instant bioavailability, whereas FDOFs are used as practical alternative to FDTs. These films have a potential to deliver the drug systemically through intragastric, sublingual or buccal route of administration and also has been used for local action. In the present review, an account of various formulation considerations, methods of preparations, applications and comparison of the both fast dissolving tablets/films is compiled.

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