Abstract - 2012 Volume.3 Issue.1

Since long times, human employs medicinal plants to treat illnesses, using frequently oily or aqueous preparations. Such uses are one of the most important principles of green chemistry which called „green solvents?. Within the context of clean and green pharmaceutical industry, ethnopharmacological preparations must to be investigated to reduce toxicity of chemicals and solvents. „Dawilou? is an ancient preparation used in Constantine as an Algerian Traditional Medicine (ATM); it is an aqueous herbal mixture of four spices: lesser galangal rhizome, ginger rhizome, cinnamon bark and clove buds. It is used to prevent or treat cold disease and to give some energy to workers in ancient times. The decoction was studied for its qualitative chemical composition using phytochemical screening; it was found that the extract is rich in chemical constituents: phenolics, terpenoids and alkaloids. Biological activity of „Dawilou? against clinical isolated bacteria was investigated also and found to have moderate activity in vitro because of bacterial nature. So, the in vivo study is necessary to complete the study and evaluate immunostimulating activity of the extract which is empirically proved.

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