Abstract - 2010 Volume.1 Issue.3

Antimicrobial activities have been studied with the methanolic plant extracts of Abultilon indicum, Adenocalymma alliaceum, Carica papaya, Crotolaria laburnifilia, Croton bonplandianum, Derris scandens, Eichornia crassipes, Iopomea hispida, Moringa heterohylla, Peltophorum pterocarpum that have been popularly used as folk medicines. The antimicrobial activities of the organic solvent extracts on the various test microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi investigated using agar well diffusion technique. The length of inhibition zone was measured in millimeters from the edge of the well to the edge of the inhibition zone. Methanol extract exhibited promising antimicrobial activity than chloroform and hexane extracts. The extracts from various parts of plants were assessed in an effort to validate the medicinal potential of the herb. Our results showed that A. alliaceum and P. pterocarpum plant extracts have higher levels of antimicrobial activity.

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