Abstract - 2010 Volume.1 Issue.2

The present review article is concerned about the heterocyclic chemistry of Quinoxaline, and pyrazines their history, natural occurrence of pyraznes and quinoxalines. Reactions with electrophilic reagents like protonation, oxidation and halogenation , oxidizing agent, nucleophilic reagent, reducing agent, radical reagents, Electrocyclic reaction, its ring synthesis from the self condensation of 2-aminoketone and from 1, 2-dicarbonyl compound and 1, 2-diamino compound. In this review article emphasis is given on the potential biological activities of quinoxaline derivatives .these exhibits many biological activities antimicrobial anti-inflammatory, ant tumor anti hyperglycemic and anti oxidant. Quinoxaline is an important lead owing to its inherent properties and therapeutic actions.

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